On the Meaning of Effects of Substrate Structure on Biological Transport

  • Halvor N. Christensen


No single approach or simple combination of approaches will bring us an understanding of membrane transport, how it occurs, how it is driven and how it drives other processes. The particularity of the minds of individual investigators usually ensures that numerous attacks on a problem are undertaken, and also that these attacks are continued, and reapplied even after other investigators may have begun to deplore them. This article was in the first instance initiated for myself, to rethink what it is that my associates and I hope to achieve by one set of approaches, namely by observing the results of modifying the structure of substrates on their transport. To a degree I am taking a precaution that we do not decide that such studies are obsolescent, that the approach is indirect, a “black box” and born of a lack of courage for direct isolative approaches, or that only superficial objectives can be pursued by the approach, simply because superficial objectives are so often pursued by it.


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