Functional Organization of Intramembrane Particles of Mitochondrial Inner Membranes

  • Lester Packer


It is generally assumed that the high efficiency of electron transport and energy coupling in primary energy transducing membranes is the result of a special spatial arrangement of the interacting components within the membrane. Indeed, in recent years much evidence has been accumulated for an assymmetrical organization of the electron transport components of the inner mitochondrial membrane. Thus, cytochrome c appears to be localized at the outside surface of the inner membrane; ATPase at the inside surface; and cytochrome oxidase and cytochrome b within the hydrophobic membrane center. These concepts accord with the known sidedness of cytochrome c and ATPase reactivity and extractability; and with the disruption of the membrane structure upon extraction of cytochrome oxidase or cytochrome b (cf. ref. 1).


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