Psychoneuroendocrine Interactions in a Reflex Ovulator

  • J. Hilliard
  • Ch. H. Sawyer


Within the past two years, radioimmuno- and protein-binding assays have provided new information concerning steroid-gonadotrophin levels in cyclic-ovulating mammals. In all species studied so far, the normal preovulatory rise in plasma luteinizing hormone (LH) is preceded by an elevation in urinary or plasma estrogen. Scaramuzzi et al. (1970) obtained evidence to support a causal relationship between high estrogen secretion and LH discharge in the ewe by simultaneous radioimmunoassays of plasma LH and ovarian venous estrogen. In their studies, an elevation in estrogen concentration was measurable 24 hours before the pro-estrus rise in circulating LH. A similar estrogen-LH relationship has been demonstrated in the rat by several investigators (Exley and Dutton 1970, Brown-Grant et al. 1970, Neill et al. 1971).


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