On the Location of the Neural Structures Involved in the Reserpine-Induced Hypersecretion of ACTH

  • B. Halász
  • I. Lengvári


It is well known that reserpine causes an increase in pituitary ACTH secretion. A single injection of the drug results in a marked decrease of hypothalamic CRF (corticotrophic releasing factor, Bhattacharya and Marks 1969) and pituitary ACTH content (Kitay et al. 1959, Saffran and Vogt 1960, Maickel et al. 1961, Bhattacharya and Marks 1969) and a simultaneous elevation in plasma corticosterone levels (Maickel et al. 1961, Bhattacharya and Marks 1969). Administration of reserpine for several days leads to adrenal hypertrophy (Gaunt et al. 1954, Hertting and Hornykiewicz 1957, Montanari and Stockham 1962).


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  • B. Halász
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  • I. Lengvári
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  1. 1.Department of AnatomyUniversity Medical SchoolPécsHungary

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