PBI Reverse Osmosis Membranes: An Initial Survey

  • Frank S. Model
  • Leonard A. Lee


Research on reverse osmosis in these laboratories began in the mid-nineteen sixties, when work on cellulose acetate membranes was initiated. The promising results obtained at that time led to the continuation and extension of the studies under the sponsorship of the Office of Saline Water, U.S. Department of the Interior, beginning in 1968. These investigations determined the influence of polymer variables, notably the primary-to-secondary hydroxyl group ratio and acetyl value, and physical variables (e.g., casting speed, air exposure time) on the desalination performance of cellulose acetate flat membranes[1]. It was demonstrated that a 50% improvement in flux could be achieved in membranes exhibiting 90% salt rejection by proper manipulation of membrane preparation variables. At the same time, the difficulties inherent in this particular membrane system, i.e., poor compaction resistance and hydrolytic instability, were identified and minimized.


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