Wavefront Reconstruction

  • Dennis Gabor


A reference beam with complex amplitude A (x,y,z) e-i ω t and an object beam coherent with it, with amplitude B(x,y,z)e-i ω t fall simultaneously on a thin photographic emulsion in the plane z = 0. We can operate with “scalar light” so long as the polarizations are the same, i.e. if the electric vectors in the two beams are parallel or nearly parallel. If the angle of the two electric vectors is considerable, a correction must be made, because the amplitudes are added vectorially. The photographic plate (or any other energy detector,) completely ignores the phase factor and records only the resultant energy, which is proportional to the joint intensity
$$I = (A + B)(A^* + B^* ) = AA^* + BB^* + (AB^* + A^* B)$$


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