Human and Canine Prostatic Metabolism of Testosterone-4-C14

  • Menelaos A. Aliapoulios


It first became obvious in my student days at Johns Hopkins Medical School that the prostate gland, guardian of the outlet of the urological system, served a very vital and important function. In addition, it is of interest that the dog is the only species which shares with man an age-dependent tendency to develop benign prostatic hyperplasia and adenocarcinoma of the prostate. Under the stimulus of Dr. W. W. Scott and Dr. Fred Burt at the Brady Institute, methods were mastered for the analysis of steroid hormones in urine of normal subjects as well as prostatic cancer patients. These studies were later continued and embellished in collaboration with Dr. Peter Ofner at the Steroid Biochemistry Laboratory of the Medical Services, Lemuel Shattuck Hospital, and in the Departments of Pharmacology and Surgery, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts.


Urinary Bladder Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Prostatic Cancer Patient Prostate Gland Harvard Medical School 

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