Relocation of Ureteroileostomy Stomata

  • Lester Persky


The value of ureteroileostomy as an eminently satisfactory method for urinary diversion is attested to by the ever-increasing number of reports of its application to large numbers of patients. The indications, techniques, and complications of the operation have also been well documented(1–3). Included in these various discussions have been references to stomal difficulties and their management(4). In general, however, very little attention has been given to those infrequent situations in which actual replacement or relocation of the stomal site has been deemed necessary. In our own series this has been carried out in a small group of patients depending upon etiological factors, antecedent surgery, and underlying patient constitution.


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  1. 1.Department of Surgery, Division of UrologyCase Western Reserve University, and the University Hospitals of ClevelandUSA

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