The Threshold Phenomena Related to Microinhomogeneity of the Active Medium

  • A. M. Ratner
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In the preceding chapters it was assumed that all of the luminescence centers were identical, so that the spatial nonuniformity of the active medium could be caused solely by nonuniformity of the population inversion. In the present chapter we examine the case in which the inhomogeneity of the active medium is connected with the presence of active optical centers of various types; here the distribution of the centers among these types is assumed to be random. At the same time the active medium is assumed to be macro-scopically uniform, so that the presence of the centers of different types does not affect these conventional macroscopic properties and can be manifested solely in experiments with stimulated emission. The most essential consequence of the microinhomogeneity investigated is the existence of threshold phenomena which are connected with the fact that the microinhomogeneity can be manifested only in the presence of a sufficiently high pump intensity.


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