Electromyographic Study of Inner Speech and an Overview of Electromyograms Revealing Hidden Articulation

  • A. N. Sokolov
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It is known from neurophysiology that action potentials are generated in muscle fibers when the latter become excited, and that these potentials precede muscle contraction, being indicators of the concealed (latent) phase of the excitation of muscles by motor neurons of the spinal cord and of the medulla oblongata. The motor neurons are in turn connected with the overlying, suprasegmental divisions of the brain, up to the subcortical ganglia and cerebral cortex. One of the most important regulatory mechanisms of movements resides in the muscles proper: while contracting, the muscles generate in their receptors (muscle spindles) proprioceptive impulses which proceed via afferent fibers to the various divisions of the brain.


Electrical Activity Muscle Spindle Silent Reading Motor Speech Tongue Muscle 


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