Motor Speech Afferentation and the Cerebral Mechanisms of Thought

  • A. N. Sokolov
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On the basis of clinical studies of various forms of aphasia—motor and sensory disturbances of speech—the neurologists of the 19th century developed a doctrine on the presence in the cerebral cortex of speech areas, or centers, narrowly localized and independent of each other: l)the motor speech center, or Broca’s area, localized in the third frontal gyrus of the left hemisphere; 2) auditory center of speech, or Wernicke’s area, localized in the first temporal gyrus of the same hemisphere; 3) center of verbal designation, or nomination, located, according to Mills, in the lower portion of the temporal gyrus; 4) writing center, located, according to Wernicke and Exner, in the second frontal gyrus of the left hemisphere; 5) reading center, located, according to Dejerine, at the junction between the occipital and parietal lobes in the same hemisphere. Fig. 60 gives a summary of the basic clinical data on the localization of various speech disturbances, on the basis of which the above map of brain speech centers had been constructed.


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