Infrared and Raman Spectra of Organometallic and Related Compounds

  • J. R. Hall


It seems appropriate that in this volume a chapter be included dealing with methyl—metal and related silyl and germyl compounds which have been investigated in the laboratory of Dr. L. A. Woodward. The interest in the first group was initiated with the study of trimethylboron.1 After this investigation was completed there was a natural extension to trimethyl-gallium and trimethylindium2 and then subsequently to the dimethyl-thallium (III) cation3 and to various methylmercury(II) systems.4 The concern with silyl compounds began with the investigation of trisilylamine.5 A number of silyl derivatives of Group VI elements6 as well as trigermyl-phosphine7 have since been examined in Woodward’s laboratory.


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