X-Ray Emissions from the Sun

  • S. M. Krimigis


Since the existence of solar x-rays was inferred from the work of Grotrian [1939] and Edlen [1942], there have been in recent years several reviews of the experimental and theoretical work on the subject, including those of Mandelstam [1952, 1965], Friedman [1963], de Jager [1964], and most recently Underwood [1968]. Many of these reviews contain excellent discussions of both the experimental observations and the physical processes responsible for solar x-ray production, and some include descriptions of experimental techniques. It is only recently, however, that Observational knowledge of solar x-rays has vastly increased with the massive set of observations obtained with the OSO satellite series, and the long term measurements obtained by Explorers 33 and 35, and Mariner 5 spacecraft.


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