Miscellaneous Metal-Ligand Vibrations

  • John R. Ferraro


The tendency to form predominantly covalent bonds between metals and donor atoms of ligands is greatest when the donor atom is a nonmetal from Group V through VII in the periodic table. The recent interest in the far-infrared region has centered on the search for vibrations involving metal-ligand donor atoms. Figure 8–1 shows a number of such vibrations. Chapters 5 through 7 have discussed the vibrations involving metal-oxygen, metal-nitrogen, and metal-halide atoms. For the most part, these vibrations are fairly well characterized. However, the remaining vibrations listed in Fig. 8–1 are less well known. This has been primarily due to a lack of spectroscopic studies, until recently, of compounds involving these linkages. Recent syntheses of compounds containing metal-sulfur, metal-selenium, metal-tellurium, metal-phosphorus, metal-arsenic, and metal-metal bonds and subsequent spectroscopic studies have given some preliminary information concerning the stretching vibrations of these bonding atoms. Little data is presently available on the bending vibrations involving these atoms. Furthermore, these vibrations would not be the easiest to study. It is difficult to prepare compounds in which the donor atom is replaced by an atom of the same group in the periodic table but of heavier mass and observe the shift of the metal-ligand vibration toward lower frequency as has been done with the metal-halide vibrations.


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