Morphology of Autoepitaxial Gallium Arsenide in the Crystallographic Range (111)A-( 100)-( 111 )B

  • L. G. Lavrent’eva
  • M. P. Yakubenya
  • O. M. Ivleva
  • V. A. Moskovkin


It is usual [1] to examine the morphology of autoepitaxial films of gallium arsenide by use of substrates whose surfaces are singular planes.* On the other hand, it is well-known that vicinal surfaces often give layers with smoother vicinal planes often give layers with smoother surfaces, as for silicon [3], germanium [4], and gallium arenide [5, 6]. The only published description of the morphology of gallium arsenide layers on substrates of orientation (112) and (113) is [7], where layers 0.5–0.8 mm thick were used. On the other hand, planes of orientation {hkk} have recently aroused interest in connection with the scope for making films with low carrier concentrations but high mobilities [8].


Gallium Arsenide Vicinal Surface Growth Figure Growth Pyramid Singular Plane 
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  • L. G. Lavrent’eva
  • M. P. Yakubenya
  • O. M. Ivleva
  • V. A. Moskovkin

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