Volcanic (Volcanic-Plutonic) Belts

  • Yu. M. Sheinmann


In recent years, after the works of Ustiev and his co-workers [Ustiev, 1959, 19631, 19632, 1965; Speranskaya, 1961] on the study of the Okhotsk volcanic belt, this type of structure has gained considerable attention. The distinctive character of vulcanism, its superposition on older structural plans and its apparent independence of geosynclines, has given rise to extreme views concerning the complete independence of volcanic belts both of platforms and of geosynclines [Komarov, 1960; Komarov and Khrenov, 1963; Komarov, Odintsov, and Khrenov, 1964; Khrenov and others, 1965]. Since such belts are primarily belts of magma formation and only the ascent of magma defines the designated structure itself, we must touch on them here, even in the briefest way.


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