Because the manufacture of fluxes is a proprietary formulation business, contents and compositions of the numerous “magic mixes” are necessarily unknown. It is their very proprietary nature that allows the range and variety of fluxes to exist. In this environment, attempts by user companies to determine even which product is best for their application or assembly process seldom reach the level of material differentiation. They are usually simple performance studies evaluated against specific functional performance requirements on a pass-fail or level-of-defect basis [Cassidy and Lin 1981a, b; Lambert 1978]. Attempts to identify important individual flux components and to assess the relative performance of material variants remain largely the perogative of the manufacturers. Soldering flux development is usually achieved by working either within individual internal perceptions of requirements or, more commonly, working with individuals within user companies to solve individual problems related to a specific product, design, and process. By its very nature, such work involves minimal resource and fast response time variants, usually meaning substitution of one component by a simple generic variation of the same class of material. This means that a group of products from a particular manufacturer continues by using the same basic materials types; the products are improved by modifications to formulations, usually within the same generic group of chemicals and based on the same concepts as to performance mechanisms.


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