Optical Properties of Semiconductor Systems of Low Dimensionality

  • J. M. Worlock
Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (NSSB, volume 253)


This is a review of the techniques employed to produce interesting semiconductor structures of low dimensionality. In this context, interesting means having demonstrable quantum confinement of free excitons. We begin with the epitaxial growth of simple two-dimensional quantum wells. The approach to even lower dimensionality, seeking optical quantum wires and quantum dots, involves a variety of techniques, including post-growth modification of quantum wells and direct growth on structured or textured surfaces. The study of excitons of low dimensionality feeds back into the effort to understand the fundamental processes of epitaxial growth and post-growth patterning. Much of this work is driven by the desire to insert quantum wells, quantum wires and quantum dots into useful semiconductor technology. Illustrations are chosen where possible from ongoing research at Bellcore.


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