Anatomy of the Mammalian Cochlear Nuclei; a Review



Nearly half a century after his first publications on the anatomy of the eighth nerve, Lorente de No (1981) portrayed “the primary acoustic nuclei” as “a miniature brain that has a cerebellum of its own, the tuberculum acousticum”. Here, selected aspects of this “brain” are discussed on the basis of recent literature. Included are also some preliminary immunocytochemical data from our institute (Osen et al., 1987), obtained by postembedding staining of 0.5 Aim resin sections of glutaraldehydefixed tissue, using locally produced antisera against conjugated glycine and GABA (Storm-Mathisen et al., 1983; Somogyi et al., 1984; Ottersen and Storm-Mathisen, 1984; Ottersen et al., 1987). As specificity tests are used preabsorption with amino acid glutaraldehyde complexes and coincubation with test sections containing six spatially separate amino acid conjugates (Ottersen, 1987).


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