Role of Plasma Membrane Fluidity in the Regulation of Cellular Activities

  • Giovanna Curatola
  • Giorgio Lenaz
Part of the Nato ASI Series book series (NSSA, volume 132)


The plasma membrane, located at the interface between external environment and the cell metabolic machinery, is the site of regulatory events which control functional activities and cellular processes. The involvement of the plasma membrane in cell growth, division and differentation is well demonstrated in many different cell types, but a detailed description at the molecular level as well as a unified framework is lacking at present. In general it would be necessary to clearly distinguish between plasma membrane properties which primarily influence the progression of the cell cycle and the changes produced at the membrane level as a passive consequence of morphologic and metabolic adaptation throughout the different phases of the cell cycle.


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  • Giorgio Lenaz
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  2. 2.Facoltà di ScienzeIstituto ed Orto BotanicoBolognaItaly

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