Apolipoproteins Induced by an Antimitotic Agent

  • N. Dousset
  • A. M. Loudet
  • A. Lespine
  • M. Carton
  • L. Douste-Blazy
  • H. Chap
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 210)


Hyperlipidemia and inhibition of lipoprotein lipase occur in rabbits after exposure to lethal or not lethal levels of whole-body ionizing radiation (1,2) and after antimitotic agent injection (cyclophosphamide) (3). However, the interrelationships of hyperlipidemia and the lipoprotein metabolism disorders remain obscure.


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  • A. M. Loudet
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  • A. Lespine
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  • M. Carton
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  • L. Douste-Blazy
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  • H. Chap
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