Towards a Symbiosis of Cognitive Psychology and Psychometrics

  • Jim Ridgway
Part of the NATO Conference Series book series (NATOCS, volume 14)


Cronbach (1957) highlighted two distinct traditions of scientific psychology, namely the experimental tradition and the correlational tradition. The paper discusses ways in which the two disciplines can be brought together. Guttman’s (1955) facet analysis is seen as a way of introducing experiments into psychometrics; Newell’s (1973) criticisms of cognitive psychology are reviewed and are seen to be resolvable if more use is made of psychometric methods. The review draws attention to the dominance of static structural models both in cognition and psychometrics. The fusion of the two disciplines is viewed as a relatively small problem compared to that of accounting for subject strategies, and for structural changes which occur over time.


Cognitive Psychology Facet Analysis Steady State Process Binary Opposition Psychometric Method 
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