Nutritional, Metabolic, and Immunologic Effects of Infection

  • R. K. Chandra
  • P. M. Newberne


Infectious illness is regularly associated with alterations in the metabolic balance, hormonal milieu, nutritional status, and host resistance. The magnitude of these changes is related to the severity and duration of infection, the type of pathogen, the tissues involved, and the preinfection status of nutrition and immunocompetence of the individual. In some, careful serial analyses may be required to detect changes in nutrition and immune capacity. In others, overt clinical manifestations and complications point to infection-associated disturbances in homeostasis.


Infectious Mononucleosis Lepromatous Leprosy Febrile Response Miliary Tuberculosis Congenital Syphilis 
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  • P. M. Newberne
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  2. 2.Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyCambridgeUSA

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