Photobiology of Furocoumarins

  • D. Averbeck


The photobiology of fucoroumarins has been covered by a number of reviews (1–4). In recent years we observed a rapid evolution in the knowledge on naturally occurring or synthetic furocoumarins which in the presence of near ultraviolet light or UVA, i.e. radia tion in the range of 320 to 380 nm, exhibit photosensitizing properties in various biological systems (1–4). The reaction scheme for furocoumarins with nucleic acids, especially with DNA, is well established (1, 4, 5, 6). It involves the formation of complexes between furocoumarins and DNA in the dark, and in the presence of 365-nm radiation the induction of cyclobutane type of mono-additions of pyrimidine bases in DNA involving the 3,4 or the 4’,5’ double bond of the furocoumarin molecule. Some of the 4’,5’ cycloadditions may photoreact further forming interStrand DNA cross-links (1, 4–7).


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