Effects of “Use of Pesticides” from an industrial viewpoint

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From an industrial viewpoint, the preceding report of the President’s Science Advisory Committee, under the chairmanship of Jerome B. Wiesner and thus the Wiesner Report might be considered as simply one more major event in the technological revolution which has engulfed all phases of the pesticide industry following the introduction of DDT. The portentous developments following the wide scale usage of DDT have been many. Most observers recognize these changes as a steady tightening of regulatory control, a steady increase in the cost of developing new compounds, and an adaptation of chemical pesticides to the growing needs of agriculture which, in itself, is going through a broad technological revolution.


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  1. President’s Science Advisory Committee, Jerome B. Wiesner (Chairman): Report on “Use of Pesticides”. The White House. May 15, 1963. Reproduced in Residue Reviews 6, 1 (1963).Google Scholar

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