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Aging of Rodent Vasopressin Systems

Morphometric and Functional Considerations
  • Paul F. Aravich
  • John R. SladekJr.


Vasopressin (VP), a classic peptide in neuroendocrinology, has several well-documented actions. Among these, the best characterized are related to the kidney and vasculature (Heller, 1974), the anterior pituitary (Rivier and Vale, 1985), and the liver (Hems and Whitton, 1980; Rofe and Williamson, 1983). Recent data suggest, however, that VP may have a considerably more diversified functional significance, which may be particularly relevant to aging. For instance, age-related alterations in VP function may compromise the adaptive responses to several pathological conditions affecting the elderly, including orthostatic hypotension (Robertson and Rowe, 1980), diabetes mellitus (Walsh et al., 1979; Zerbe et al., 1979), alcohol intolerance (Ritzmann and Tabakoff, 1984), arthritis (Millan et al., 1985), and altered immune function (Clements and Funder, 1986; Whitfield et al., 1970). Perturbations of the action of VP on adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) secretion (Plotsky et al., 1985), as well as on preganglionic (Backman and Henry, 1984) and postganglionic (Bone et al., 1984; Peters and Kreulen, 1985) sympathetic neuron activity, also may contribute to the altered stress responses that occur during aging (e.g., Benzi et al., 1984; Chiueh et al., 1980; McCarty, 1984; Sapolsky and Donnelly, 1985). Finally, alterations in nutritional intake during senescence (e.g., Morrison, 1983) may be related, in part, to altered VP function. For instance, VP has been related to stress-induced feeding and carbohydrate appetite (Aravich and Sladek, 1986) and to the physiological response to malnutrition (Gold et al., 1983; Hansen et al., 1985).


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