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Vasopressin and Human Behavior

  • Jellemer Jolles


Peptides related to the pituitary hormone vasopressin (VP) have been found to influence aspects of memory processes and learning in laboratory animals (De Wied, 1969; see De Wied, 1983, for review). This finding has led to the suggestion that VP might have a clinical application in the treatment of human memory disorders. Unfortunately, it is not simple to state whether VP has been found effective. This is because clinical studies differ with respect to the nature of the patient population (e.g., brain trauma, alcoholism, depression) and the methods of testing used. In addition, there is wide variation in pharmacological parameters, such as the dose, route, and frequency of peptide administration. Accordingly, some studies report positive effects of VP administration, whereas others are negative (Jolles, 1983b).


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