Heavy-Ion Reactions in Nuclear Astrophysics

  • C. A. Barnes
  • S. Trentalange
  • S.-C. Wu


Because of the enormous ranges of temperature and density that exist in various places throughout the Universe, it is not hard to imagine situations where the kinetic energies should be high enough for heavy ions to react with one another. There are many dramatic photographs from astronomical observatories around the world showing galaxies undergoing titanic explosions which must involve temperatures high enough for Coulomb barrier penetration by heavy ions. On a smaller scale, but still with enormous energy releases, supernovas occur at a rate in the neighborhood of one per galaxy per 50 years. Very high temperatures are reached in their cores during the explosions. Supernovas are now presumed to leave neutron stars or black holes as remnants, at least part of the time; in the enormous gravitational fields around such remnants, very high temperatures must also exist.


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