Optimal Design of Plates, Shells, and Disks

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It was emphasized in Section 3.7.2 that all optimality criteria for beams were derived from a fundamental inequality of the same type, Eq. (3.180), relating two energies or powers. Hence, there is no need for special proofs of the optimality criteria for plates, shells, and disks, provided the proper generalized variables are used, as described in Chapter 1. This is true for multipurpose as well as for single-purpose structures. There is, however, one exceptional case for which the extension of the optimality criterion from beams to plates, shells, and disks is not straightforward—namely, the behavioral constraint of limited stress intensity. In contrast to the other behavioral constraints considered in this book, it is local and not related to a minimum or stationarity principle. Also the definition of “stress intensity” is subject to various generalizations and, hence, must be carefully discussed.


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