Seafood Proteins

pp 127-159

Functional Food Protein Ingredients from Fish

  • Tyre C. Lanier

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It is increasingly common to encounter commercially processed foods whose constituent carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins are derived from several differing natural sources. Often these food-ingredient materials have been refined as semipure fractions before being used as food ingredients. They may even represent the product of complex chemical and/or physical alterations to a naturally derived material, which, like cellulose for example, may not normally be a source of human food. Such refined and/or altered substances constitute the bulk of the present-day food-ingredient market, a vast assortment valued solely for, and specified by, their individual “functional properties.” This term is applicable only to materials destined to be food ingredients, referring to their individual ability to contribute to the taste, texture, and appearance of a formulated food.