Psychoanalysis as a Practical Hermeneutical Science

  • Marek Aftowicz-Bielecki
  • Zofia Rosińska
Part of the Annals of Theoretical Psychology book series (AOTP, volume 4)


The evaluation of the status of psychoanalysis, like many or, perhaps, all philosophical or methodological problems, arouses much controversy which is still far from being at an end. Stimulated by Lindseth’s very interesting chapter, we feel encouraged to make some comments on the issue. Before concentrating on detailed aspects of Lindseth’s reconstruction of psychoanalysis, we should like to consider the meaning of the concept of science, which is not purely a matter of terminology.


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  • Marek Aftowicz-Bielecki
    • 1
  • Zofia Rosińska
    • 1
  1. 1.Institute of PhilosophyUniversity of WarsawWarsawPoland

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