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Clive is sitting on a terrace of a pub in the yacht harbor of Scheveningen. He just accepted an offer to join a company in the South of Spain and he is questioning himself whether he would keep his sailing boat in The Netherlands, or sail it down to Spain. It is not an easy consideration, since he only has a short term contract down in Spain, so it could be that after a few years he will move it back to the North. It is fortunate that Clive has a management background and therefore he is used to dealing with this kind of strategic choices based on limited information. He analyses the pro’s and con’s of the alternatives. He has a lot of sailing experience and has seen most countries which one can reach from Holland in a normal holiday period. He spent some nice holidays sailing in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, England, Ireland, France, the Channel Islands and he even once sailed a boat to the North of Spain. There are not a lot of new areas to be visited, but of course, each trip is an interesting one in its own right. One does not sail in order to reach a goal or a place, but rather the process of sailing is what is interesting. If he decided to sail the boat down to Spain, he could leave it there even when he returns to The Netherlands and in doing so he could benefit from a completely new sailing area: The Mediterranean. Even if he returned to the North, he could still spend his holidays and even some long weekends down in the Spanish sun. He decides to investigate the latter possibility and makes inquires about harbors in Spain.


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