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Whither Video? Pictorial Culture and Telepresence

  • A V Lewis
  • G Cosier
Part of the BT Telecommunications Series book series (BTTS, volume 16)


An eight-year-old boy once stood in his grandparent’s house, in awe of a cream and black Bakelite radio that smelt hot and mysterious. The heat came from glass bottles that were dangerous to touch, with little fires inside that burned without burning away. That radio could do magic. With a long piece of wire and something called a short-wave band, it could collect voices from far away lands. The boy was intrigued to hear a cold and bitter torrent of words followed at once by a warm and meltingly sweet song from the same place. What kind of contradictory place was this Moscow? His body was standing in the upper Neath valley, but his imagination was somewhere else...


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