Heterophil Antibody

  • Nevio Cimolai


The definition of “heterophil antibody” could be the source for some controversy. At first glance, the intention would be to have defined a humoral immune response which has evolved as a consequence of infection, but which is not specifically related to an antibody-directed antigenic stimulus from the infecting organism. The definition would then depend upon the inability to define cross-reactive epitopes between germ and the heterophil substrate. Unfortunately, the ability to determine the latter may very well be a function of the limitation of the particular tools which are used. The utility of a heterophil antibody response will depend on the predictive values but such a method could be preferred if the results are timely and if specific diagnostic tests are not available. As the immunology and biochemistry of antibody responses advanced to the molecular level, a greater depth of knowledge might lead to a more precise understanding of antigenic relatedness.


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