Mercury Cadmium Telluride (Hg1-xCdxTe)

  • Sadao Adachi


Hg1-xCd x Te is one of the Hg-based IIb–VIb semiconductor alloys crystallizing in the zinc-blende structure over the entire composition range (0≤x≤1.0). The fundamental optical absorption edge of Hg1-xCd x Te can be tuned by about 2 eV, running at 300 K from 1.49 eV (1.53 eV) for CdTe to -0.14 eV (-0.12 eV) for HgTe with an inverted Γ8–Γ6 ordering [1] ([2]). Among the Hg-based semiconductor alloys, Hg1-xCd x Te is the most extensively studied alloy system because it has proved to be useful as a material for high-performance photoconductive and photovoltaic IR detectors [3,4].


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