Probing The Mechanisms Of Hepatocyte/Fibroblast Interactions

  • Sangeeta Bhatia
Part of the Microsystems book series (MICT, volume 5)


We have demonstrated that variations in tissue function can be achieved by modulation of spatial configuration of co-cultures of hepatocytes and fibroblasts. In Chapter 4 we showed that these differences in function were dependent on the degree of heterotypic interaction that occurred between cell populations. Furthermore, these findings correlated with the observation that hepatocellular islands of a critical size displayed spatial heterogeneity in the pattern of induction of hepatocyte differentiation- i.e. within a given hepatocyte population, hepatocytes close to the heterotypic interface demonstrated increased albumin production as compared to more central hepatocytes. Thus, evidence from markers of both bulk and localized liver-specific function suggested that the heterotypic interface between cell populations was an important determinant of the level of tissue function in the resultant tissue.


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