Cantilevers with Interdigital Deflection Sensors

  • S. C. Minne
  • S. R. Manalis
  • C. F. Quate
Part of the Microsystems book series (MICT, volume 3)


We will present in this chapter an optical method for measuring the cantilever deflection that is suitable for arrays. It consists of a integrated, deformable, diffraction grating etched into the cantilever beam. In the new sensor several sets of rectangular fingers mesh together to form a deformable diffraction grating. This type of interference sensor is commonly known as the ‘interdigital’ cantilever. The intensity of the light diffracted into the higher orders by this grating gives us a measure of the deflection of the set of fingers attached to the beam that carries the tip. This is in contrast to the optical lever where the position of the optical beam is used to measure the deflection.


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