Robust Residual Generator Design Via Multi-Objective Optimization and Genetic Algorithms

  • Jie Chen
  • Ron J. Patton
Part of the The International Series on Asian Studies in Computer and Information Science book series (ASIS, volume 3)


To ensure reliable operation of control systems, hard faults in system components are not tolerable and must be detected before they actually occur. Hopefully, faults are detected during the maintenance stage. However, the situation is different for soft (incipient) faults. Their effect on the system is very small and almost unnoticeable during their incipient stage. They may develop slowly to cause very serious effects on the system, although these incipient faults may be tolerable when they first appear. Hence, the most important issue of reliable system operation is to detect and isolate incipient faults as early as possible. An early indication of incipient faults can give the operator enough information and time to take proper measures to prevent any serious consequence on the system.


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