Modern control systems are becoming more and more complex and control algorithms more and more sophisticated. Consequently, the issues of availability, cost efficiency, reliability, operating safety and environmental protection are of major importance, These issues are important to, not only normally accepted safety-critical systems such as nuclear reactors, chemical plants and aircraft, but also other advanced systems employed in cars, rapid transit trains, etc. For safety-critical systems, the consequences of faults can be extremely serious in terms of human mortality, environmental impact and economic loss. Therefore, there is a growing need for on-line supervision and fault diagnosis to increase the reliability of such safety-critical systems. Early indications concerning which faults are developing can help avoid system breakdown, mission abortion and catastrophes. For systems which are not safety-critical, on-line fault diagnosis techniques can be used to improve plant efficiency, maintainability, availability and reliability. Indeed, industry is starting to reconsider the implications of using predictive maintenance tools and is looking for alternative methods to ensure plant availability and safety, whilst at the same time obviating costly maintenance during plant down-time. To provide insight into the state of a system, which allows a true on-condition maintenance plan to be implemented, modern fault diagnosis methods can be considered.


Fault Diagnosis Residual Evaluation Fault Isolation Residual Generator State Estimation Error 
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