Water Treatment

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This chapter is a brief overview of water treatment requirements, principles, and methods relevant to marine fish culture. Requirements for sensitive species and (usually) earlier stages are more critical. Publications such as Wheaton (1977), Allen and Kinney (1981), Wickins and Helm (1981), Haywood and Wells (1989), Huguenin and Colt (1989), Moe (1989, 1992), Thiel (1989a, 1989b), Brune and Tomasso (1991), Spotte (1992), Reinertsen et al. (1993), Wang (1993), Losordo and Westerman (1994), Timmons and Losordo (1994, 1997), Timmons (1995), Libey and Timmons (1996), the journal Aquacultural Engineering, and catalogs provide broader and more detailed discussions.


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