Search for a Short-Lived Dibaryon in Au + Au Collisions: Status of AGS Experiment E896

  • Morton Kaplan


A new high-rate experiment has been initiated at the AGS to search for a shortlived H 0-dibaryon in 11.6 A GeV/c Au + Au collisions. The heart of the detection system is a large distributed-drift-chamber (DDC) in a 1.7 T magnetic field, which will provide tracking of charged particles from H 0 decay. Directly upstream of the DDC is a 6.8 T superconducting dipole sweeper magnet and a high-Z collimator system, which combine to remove most charged particles produced in the target and yield a low background in the critical tracking region of the DDC. The implementation of the system, including additional detectors, is described, and our experience from the recently ended first run is reported.


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