• Henning F. Harmuth
  • Raouf N. Boules
  • Malek G. M. Hussain


Using the international system of units, we may write Maxwell’s equations in a coordinate system at rest in the following form
$$ cur1H = \frac{{\partial D}}{{\partial t}} + {g_e} $$
$$ - cur1E = \frac{{\partial B}}{{\partial t}} $$
$$ divD = {\rho _e} $$
$$ divB = 0 $$
$$ D = \varepsilon E $$
$$ B{ = _u}H $$
$$ {g_e} = \sigma E $$
Here E and H stand for the electric and magnetic field strength, D and B for the electric and magnetic flux density, ge and pe for the electric current and charge density, while e, p, and Q represent permittivity, permeability, and conductivity. Maxwell’s equations are usually written in more compact and elegant forms than used here. But we want to emphasize lucidity over compactness and elegance.


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