Introductory Overview and Heavy-Fermion Phenomenology

  • P. Fulde


Approximately 20 years ago it was found [1] that there are metallic systems which behave at low temperatures like ordinary metals except that the quasiparticles appear to have a very large effective mass, i.e., one which is hundreds of times larger than the free electron mass. Therefore these systems are often called heavy-fermion or heavy-electron systems. In the meantime research on those systems has developed into an own branch of metal physics and it has become clear over the years that their basic properties are strong electron correlations. Therefore it is no surprise that heavy-fermion systems contain in almost all cases rare-earth ions, in particular Ce or Yb or actinide ions such as U or Np. Typical representatives are CeA1 3 ,CeCu 2 Si 2 , CeCu 6 , YbA1 3 , YbCr 2 Si 2 , UBe 13 , UPt 3 and NpBe13. But also Nd 2 _ x Ce x CuO 4 (0.1 ≤x ≤0.2) or Yb4As3 belong into that category, the latter being a semimetal at low temperatures.


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