De Broglie-Bohm Relativistic HVT

  • Andrey Anatoljevich Grib
  • Waldyr Alves RodriguesJr.


In this ChapterM = (M, D,η), denotes Minkowski spacetime[1], i.e., M is a four dimensional manifold diffeomorphic to R 4, η is a Lorentzian metric of signature (1, 3) and D is the Levi-Civita connection of η. As is well known, under these conditions there exists a global coordinate chart 〈 x µ 〉 of the maximal atlas of M, such that there is a global basis ∂/∂x µ of TM (the tangent bundle) such thatl
$$ \eta \mu v = \eta (\partial /\partial {{x}^{\mu }},\partial /\partial {{x}^{v}}) = diag(1, - 1, - 1, - 1) $$


Manifold Soliton Unal 


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  2. 2.State University of Campinas and Salesian UniversityCampinasBrazil

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