The Children, Youth, and Family Consortium: A University of Minnesota/Community Partnership 1

  • Martha Farrell Erickson
  • Richard A. Weinberg
Part of the Outreach Scholarship book series (OUTR, volume 3)


In a time of careful scrutiny of public spending, public universities—which absorb a large portion of state educational resources—are challenged more than ever before to be accountable. Often driven by a land-grant mission, universities are under the microscope to demonstrate efficient deployment of resources in addressing educational needs and applying research to practice for the benefit of their constituents. The ivory tower is tilting under a vigorous press to eliminate program redundancy, pursue new target audiences, widen the scope of extension teaching and adult education, retool professionals for the changing job market, and promote outreach activities that address community needs (Weinberg, Fishhaut, Moore & Plaisance, 1990).


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