Public Technology Procurement: The Case of Digital Switching Systems in France

  • P. Llerena
  • M. Matt
  • S. Trenti
Part of the Economics of Science, Technology and Innovation book series (ESTI, volume 16)


In this chapter we will study the role of Public Technology Procurement (PTP) in the telecommunication industry in France. The case study outlined is the development of the E10 system. The period covered is from the 50s to the 80s. In section 1, the French national system of innovation will be briefly described and the institutional and legis­lative framework for procurement, as well as the industrial structure of the telecom­munication sector, will be presented. Section 2 will introduce the evolution of the gov­ernment policy interventions in this industry and section 3 will focus more precisely on the case of the evolution of the digital switching system, studying the specific role of PTP and of other policy instruments. In the last section, we will try to assess some of the societal and industrial results (section 4).


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  • M. Matt
  • S. Trenti

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