Knowledge-Driven Marketing Management Support Systems II: Case-Based Reasoning, Neural Networks, and Creativity Support Systems

  • Berend Wierenga
  • Gerrit van Bruggen
Part of the International Series in Quantitative Marketing book series (ISQM, volume 10)


In this book we discuss two major techniques for knowledge processing or reasoning with knowledge. In the previous chapter we dealt with the first one, rule-based reasoning (which is the basis of expert systems). In this chapter we discuss the second technique, case-based reasoning. The idea underlying case-based reasoning is that, when solving a new problem, a person remembers a previous, similar problem situation and reuses information and knowledge from that prior problem to solve the current one. Case-based reasoning systems are computer programs that follow this principle and consist of a “case base” of earlier cases and mechanisms for storing, retrieving, adapting, and learning from cases.


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  1. 1.
    APACHE stands for Acute Physiology, Age, and Chronic Health Evaluation.Google Scholar
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    Figure 6.4 gives the squares of these distances.Google Scholar
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    RMS = root mean square.Google Scholar

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