Knowledge-Driven Marketing Management Support Systems I: Artificial Intelligence, Knowledge Representation, and Expert Systems

  • Berend Wierenga
  • Gerrit van Bruggen
Part of the International Series in Quantitative Marketing book series (ISQM, volume 10)


A marketing manager is exposed to a continuous stream of data and information, which he or she combines with the knowledge and experience in his or her mind in order to detect problems and react to opportunities in the market. A marketer is constantly trying to figure out what is going on and why (monitoring and diagnosis) and constantly devising marketing actions and programs that should lead to developments in the desired direction (planning and design). The purpose of marketing management support systems is to help the marketing decision maker in carrying out these tasks.


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    Jenever is a very popular product in Holland, a kind of brandy.Google Scholar
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    Numbers refer to the numbers of the marketing expert systems listed in Figure 5.13.Google Scholar

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