Institutional Reforms and Belgian Fiscal Policy in the 90S

  • Georges Stienlet
Part of the ZEI Studies in European Economics and Law book series (ZEIS, volume 2)


The paper at first gives an overview of the financing system of the institutional framework of the federalisationprocess in Belgium at the beginning of the 90’s. It is from the pecularities of the financing system of the Regions, combined with the economic necessity to integrate Belgium in the European monetary system actively promoted by the National Bank of Belgium, that one should explain the basics of the fiscal policy in the 90’s. With the reform of the existing High Council of Finance the necessary platform was created for the formulation, follow-up of the application and the evaluation of the fiscal policy programs. The pratical working for the period 1990 1997 is described in detail. And on the basis of this experience some preliminary concluding remarks are made.


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  • Georges Stienlet
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  1. 1.Belgian Interfederal/ Inspectorate of FinanceBrusselsBelgium

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