Performance of Markets in a Context of Liberalisation: The Hog Industry in Northern Vietnam

  • Katell Le Goulven


Vietnam is now listed amongst the countries which are “ in transition ” from a centrally planned to a “ market oriented ” economy. Since 1986 the Vietnamese government has implemented a process of liberalisation called “ Renovation ” . The Renovation has led to a complete reorganisation of the agricultural commodity chains. From the establishment of the first agricultural cooperatives in Northern Vietnam in 1959 up until the late 1980’s, agricultural production was part of a hierarchical chain of command from the Ministry of Commerce down to farmers who were organised into production brigades. The agricultural outputs were then marketed by State-run companies in charge of collection, transportation, processing and retail sales in State-run stores. Renovation policies were adopted during the fourth Vietnamese Communist Party congress in 1986. A change to a marketoriented economy was voted in and the government’s first declaration was to recognise the household as the basic unit of production and to legalise private ownership.


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